With the temperamental weather in spring, plants were sown and planted out later than usual, and generally a month behind…

1st May- Mange-tout ‘Oregon Sugar Pod’ with ‘Hurst Greenshaft’ Peas with Boltardy Beetroot and Lollo Rossa lettuce.
29th June- Peas, Mange-tout and Beetroot.
27th May- Flower seedlings sharing space with the tomatoes.

Shading provided by an old net curtain and a fine misting of water over the material to prevent scorching/drying of the seedlings, and, if needed, a light misting of the interior roof space.

29th June- Mesclun Mixed salad leaves waiting for growing space…

Never grown Cucumber before, but a packet of ‘Masterpiece’ outdoor cucumber seeds, included with a gardening magazine, became my main 2021 experiment. Two plants were grown in a large fabric bag, and another two in a large square planter.

10th July- First two ‘Masterpiece’ cucumbers forming in the square planter.

Among the flowers sown in module trays and pots in the greenhouses, were Swedish Marigolds ‘Burning Embers’, Chives, and Nasturtiums ‘Bloody Mary’. Transplanted into a jute lined hanging basket to grow on.

10th July- hanging basket in full bloom.

The second hanging basket that had been sown with seeds for small carrots failed, so were replaced with multi-sown ‘Scarlet Globe’ radishes from a module tray. A good method for June/July.

10th July- Radish in a hanging basket.

The radishes did well whether multi-sown in a module tray and planted out, or sown directly.

Those planted in the hanging basket did not have much leaf damage from flea beetle compared to those in the raised bed.

The sweet peas were hit and miss. Again, not a plant I’ve grown before. Had two varieties, ‘Royal Scarlet’ and ‘Midnight’, and the latter grew well but only got 6-8 flowers, but the colour is lovely.

10th July- ‘Midnight’ Sweet Pea flower.

Always guaranteed to grow well and provide a mass of flowers for the bees, Calendula triumphed again.

15th July- Calendula flower ‘Art Shade Mixed’.
10th October- Borage continues to flower.

Seeds I would have started in the greenhouse if there had been space, or time, included mini-corn ‘Snobaby’, and climbing French Bean ‘Cobra’ were sown where they would grow. I’ll be growing both these again in 2022.

10th October- Cobra Climbing Bean still flowering.
2nd September- mini-corn Snobaby, first harvest.

A late try-out plant, quick growing (45 days) though took longer to reach harvest due to the colder September.

3rd October- Broccoletto Quarantino Riccio.

And the start of 2021…

24th January it’s cold outside and snowing…


All those plans for buying plants and more seeds went boom with the arrival of Covd-19 and the #pandemic. Garden centres were shut and everyone had to go online. My first purchase was mini greenhouse 1.

9th April 2020- the mini greenhouse is put-together and the adventures begin…

Dwarf French Beans bought online as plugs, planted into pots and grown on for planting out.

19th June 2020- Dwarf French Beans in recovery.

On the middle shelf Sprouting Broccoli plug plants growing on.

19th June 2020- Sprouting Broccoli plug plants growing in module tray that had earlier been filled with Snapdragons.

I did have a seed packet of mixed salad leaves and half a packet of Climbing French Beans ‘Blue Lake’ to start off.

13th June- second sowing of salad leaves.
7th September- last sowing of salad leaves that lasted into late October.

These are only a small selection of the plants I’ve grown using the mini greenhouses. You never know what you can achieve until you try. If something doesn’t work, I’ve still learnt from it for next time…