A Short Introduction…

When not at the keyboard writing, Caz Bevitt is in her suburban garden sowing, growing, harvesting, and pruning.

Her first gardening memory was popping the flower buds on a fuchsias bush (a hardy type) in the front garden of her family home; and picking white lilac blossom off the tree in the corner.

In the early 1990’s, she and her partner took on an allotment, growing fruit and vegetables, until family and work commitments reduced the time available to keep the plot growing.

The small home garden has developed over the years, but always with an area for fruit bushes, and space for growing tomatoes and salad leaves in pots.

The garden redesign- started during the 2020 lockdown- is an ongoing project to update and harmonise the practical with the colourful.

Now, she’s experimenting with using her two mini-greenhouses to grow vegetables, plants, herbs, and flowers for the handful of raised beds, pots, fabric bags, and garden borders.

She believes there’s nothing better than using your own organic home-grown fruit and vegetables.

The bonus of gardening, it’s good for both mind and body…