Growing vegetable, flowers, and herbs

with a mini greenhouse…


Welcome to my mini greenhouse website.

Do you have a compact greenhouse or are you considering buying one? Will it be right for you?

Here, I’m going to share my experiences of growing and nurturing plants with my mini greenhouses, and how you can reuse packaging or materials you might otherwise throw away to help you.

I bought my three-tier Kingfisher mini greenhouse in April 2020, then added a four-tier (the same maker) in February 2021.

Both constructed by slotting sections on top of one another to create the frame, then a plastic cover with a zipped front opening flap, and wire shelves that you slip into place.

I use my greenhouses for sowing seeds, and to nurture the young plants or purchased plug plants while protecting them. Best of all, I can grow on those tender summer plants that need protection until the last frosts have passed.

In the autumn, they care for cuttings and plants ready for early planting the following year.

Each year, I try new vegetable seed varieties or flower plants I’ve never grown before. The results are always a surprise…

I hope you’ll enjoy my mini greenhouse adventures…


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